Healing in His Wings

Sunday, May 17, 1992
| Acts 14:8-18

Jesus spent his entire ministry doing three things: preaching, teaching and healing. This sermon explores the three steps to a healing ministry and healing church.

The reign of modernism in our culture has been shored up by a very powerful myth we long to believe: that we can be in control through technological manipulation and mastery. The quest to control nature has led to an explosion in scientific knowledge - allowing us to splice genes, wipe out pathogens and multiply our food supply. Likewise our belief that we should be able to manipulate time and space has led into the tiny world of the microchip and out to the vast expanse of the unexplored galaxy.

We control our environment - using it, abusing it or completely hiding from it. (Some of us can successfully rush from home to car to office to shopping mall to home without ever stepping outside.) About the only thing we will readily admit we can't control is the weather - which explains perhaps the reason why, no matter how hot, cold, wet or windy it is, the weather always seems to intrude into our conversations. It annoys us to no end that it will probably rain this Memorial Day weekend...

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