Bust-out Love

Bust-out Love

Sunday, May 14, 2000
| John 10:11-18

The NAACP has been proactive in owning domain names that hate groups might want to use. There's a lesson there for all of us: It's time to adopt a first-strike policy against injustice.

Excuse the mention of the N word. But it is necessary.

Go online sometime and visit the Web site: www.nigger.com. You can try, but you'll come up empty. You'll get the same results for www.kike.com.

The NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League are trying to preempt hate. The NAACP owns the domain name for the first Web site; the Anti-Defamation League for the second. These non-Web sites are just one way some are trying to fight hate across the country - a task, says one civil rights leader, that's like "chasing cockroaches."

Perhaps you've chased cockroaches yourself. You heard them in the kitchen late at night. You went to investigate, flicked on the fluorescent light and they scatter, clicky, ticky, clicky, tick. Slipper-footed you scrambled, tried to catch them, crush them, kill one. You've invited them into your roach hotels, but they refuse to check in. They're clever and crafty. They've survived for millions of years; and not even a thermonuclear detonation can destroy them.


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