A 3M Church

Sunday, July 10, 1994
| Ephesians 1:3-14

The three clear-cut values of a "holy" church are making, marking and maturing disciples.

A favorite "chicken-and-egg" debate among scientists is the argument over what is most influential in shaping any individual behavior -- nurture or nature. That is, are we genetically pre-destined to be out-going or shy, clever and hard-working or slow and laid-back, loving and generous or suspicious and stingy? Or does the family we grow up in and our own life experiences determine these qualities? Geneticists argue that they are beginning to discover individual genes that govern almost every aspect of human behavior. Sociologists point to the direct relationship between troubled homes and in-trouble children, between stable homes and solid citizens.

The truth lies in the complex inter-relationships between both the hand nature deals us and the quality of nurturing care we receive that enables us to deal with the hand we've inherited. The church, however, need not anguish over the nature/nurture debate. Clearly, Christians are not born, they are made -- so slowly that most of the...

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