January 2: Looking in Two Directions

Sunday, January 2, 1994
| Ephesians 1:3-14

The party''s over, and the bills have come due. "But there is hope for your future," says the Lord.

With the possible exception of April 15, January 2 is probably everyone's most dreaded day of the oh-so-new year. From the fourth Thursday in November through the first day of January, everyone in America parties. We stuff ourselves with turkey and dressing, homemade cookies and cakes, fresh bread and pumpkin pie. Once-a-year delicacies appear New Year's Eve--like smoked salmon, caviar and champagne (if your taste buds are grown up) and eggnog (if your taste buds are still young). We stay up late, party constantly, spend lots of money, act nicer -- and what do we get for it?

January 2.

Overweight, exhausted, in debt and with the house a mess, we wake up the day after and find ... it's January 2. After all those football games and all those Frito-Lays, we realize it's now time to go on a diet, get on a budget, go back to work or school and pack up all those ornaments. (And why is it that all the Christmas decorations that looked so lovely in the middle of December suddenly look so...

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