Curvature of the Soul

Sunday, February 28, 1993
| Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7

God is handicapped-accessible.

Medical science has advanced so rapidly in the past few decades that we have almost grown immune to its miracles: whole diseases wiped out, dreadful injuries repaired, organ transplants become commonplace, and clogged, inoperative hearts replumbed and restarted. Usually we are happy, grateful beneficiaries of these advances of medical technology.

But there is a flip side to all this new technological wizardry. It was more than mere coincidence that Eden's forbidden tree yoked together the knowledge of good and evil. Medical science has come so far, so fast, that it has moved into the swampy areas of moral and ethical quagmires without giving ethicists, theologians or philosophers - much less grocery clerks, bank officer or construction workers - fair warning. Suddenly doctors, patients and their families are confronted with a host of agonizing moral questions.

Like this one: A young pregnant couple receive word from one of those myriad pre-natal tests that all is not well. What once ...

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