Live the Wild Life

Sunday, February 14, 1993
| Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Jesus was the true "wild" one who calls his disciples to live the "wild" life.

Quentin Crisp argues that the dictionary definition of "narcissism" as "morbid self-admiration" is actually a rare condition among us. What is as common as the cold is the narcissism that wants others to be who we are.

Most of us are content when we find someone who will reflect our chosen image; slightly more fiercely egotistical people become parents so as to be able to see themselves in their children - often with disastrous results .... It is not sex, as Dr. Freud thought, that is the mainspring of all human activity it is self glorification - the enlargement of one's kingdom. This is the urge that has informed the actions of everyone from Genghis Khan to Mr. Trump. Mr. Khan could never have found time to enjoy the beauties of every country from Cathay to Spain; lacking a two-way radio, he could not in the end control so much territory, but he could ride through much of it and see the natives bow before him. Similarly, Mr. Trump cannot relax among the amenities of a fleet of...

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