What Jesus Wants for Chrismas (Part 1)

Sunday, December 17, 1995
| Isaiah 35:1-10

What might we consider giving to Jesus at Christmas?

In a season of gift-giving, the giver of every good and perfect gift often gets left out. What might our gift be? What is the "perfect gift" for Jesus?

Every year, all of us get caught up in making Christmas "wish lists." Children's lists are typically very long and densely populated with plastic (Power Rangers/Barbies), fur (puppies/kittens) and microchips (computer/video games).

Teenagers often add gas guzzlers and machines that emit very high decibels to their lists (new cars and stereo systems to outfit them).

Adults draw up lists too - even though we won't all admit it. Grown-ups' wishes range from the mundane ("I wish everyone would clean up after themselves") to the miraculous (the ubiquitous "Peace on Earth" - or in the words of an MTV ad, "Live in Peace" or "Rest in Peace").

Have you ever considered what it may be that Jesus wants for Christmas? For the final two weeks of Advent, we suggest that there are two entries on Jesus' Christmas wish list. And what is first on Jesus'...

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