The Christian rules of limb-climbing

The Christian rules of limb-climbing

Sunday, December 6, 1998
| Matthew 3:1-12

To get the best fruit, we need to go farther out on a limb. That takes guts without glory, but results in a faith with a future.

A few years ago Shirley MacLaine climbed out on a limb, and then wrote a book about it: Out on a Limb. It wasn't long until F. Legard Smith wrote a response called: Out on a Broken Limb.

Climb out on a limb and you must be prepared for potshots from crackpots.

Climb out on a limb and you must be able to take well-meaning but completely wrong-headed suggestions.

Climb out on a limb and you must learn how to duck and dodge.

Limb-climbing skills aren't required only of overly inquisitive felines or other tree-dwelling daredevils such as exuberant 8-year-olds, solitude-seeking teenagers, fathers showing their kids how to fly a kite, or anyone in love.
All Christmas-celebrating Christians are being called to "go out on a limb" in order to witness to the world.

Nobody went out on a limb with quite the same audacity and panache as John the Baptist. Called to play the role of Jesus' Elijah, John seemed to take delight in clambering out onto some of the highest and most visible limbs he...

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