Sunday, August 29, 1999
| Matthew 16:21-28

Extremophiles are microorganisms that thrive under conditions that would kill humans and most plants and animals. These microbes are also busy industrialists, producing enzymes that are enormously useful. We Christians, too, should be "extremophiles" - people who perform remarkable acts of discipleship even as we experience suffering, self-denial and cross-carrying.

You've never met this creature.

That's because it's a microorganism. You can't see it.

Also because the only place it lives is in environments where the temperature is at least 170 degree Fahrenheit with an optimum temperature of over 215 degrees.

Water boils at 212.

Its name is "Pyrococcus Furiosus." Let's do that again. First name: Py-ro-coc-cus. Last name: Fur-i-o-sus. Good!

Pyro is only one of many microorganisms attracting the attention of scientists today. Biotechnologists are learning a lot from organisms living way out there, in dangerous places, on the edge. They call these microbes "extremophiles" -- a name that literally means "extreme-lovers."

Extremophiles are microorganisms that thrive in hot springs, polar ice caps, salty lakes and acidic fields. Not the kinds of places you'd want to be vacationing this summer! They simply love to live in conditions that would kill humans and most of the plants and animals we have come to know. "Extremophile microbes are also...

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