Water from the Well

Water from the Well

Sunday, November 13, 2022
| Isaiah 12

What can you do when you have water in your well, but the pump is not deep enough to draw it up?

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” This verse is a phrase of profound poetic power, redolent of romance, happiness, comfort and security. Read it carefully a second time: “With joy … you will draw water … from the wells … of salvation.” It’s a snapshot of the history of salvation, or at the very least, the story of a satisfying relationship between loved ones. The verse is a picture of domestic tranquility. Here, in this home or place, is a deep sense of peace and fulfillment.

In ancient Israel, wells were not only important — they were critical for survival. Having a well or cistern in their own courtyard was a pipe dream for most Israelites. Indeed, many towns had only one well to serve the inhabitants, and it was outside the city gates. It was like a public utility. We take power and water for granted. While some of us might have generators to produce electricity, or even a well for water, most...

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