Do You Belong?

Do You Belong?

Sunday, November 21, 2021
| John 18:33-37

Kids might wonder if Santa is real, but they’re not likely to ask, “What is truth?” And they definitely won’t ask, “Do you belong to the truth?”

If you’re a parent, then you know all about being peppered with questions, especially when the kids are little.

Some little tykes want to know where the moon goes in the morning, or how God made them. One child wanted to know if his mom had to stay indoors when she was little during Covids 1 through 18.

One mother was startled when her 5-year-old son asked her where poo came from. Being a good and honest mom, she provided a reasonably simple and accurate response, but one that also alluded to certain gastro-intestinal functions. The child was stunned and perplexed, but then asked, “And Tigger, too?” One can only imagine how the poor child thought his mom might answer that question.

Children are curious about themselves and their ever-expanding world. So, they ask questions. It is natural for them to turn to their parents because they’re usually the primary — if not only — source for the truth. According to one source, parents can expect to get...

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