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Field Trip Psalm 23

Field Trip

No worries when the Good Shepherd takes the flock on a field trip.


It’s a teacher’s worst nightmare: You’re on a field trip to the city, and you lose a kid! You can deal with complaining, vomiting, yelling and tomfoolery. But you can’t misplace a child. Think now of the psalmist’s description of the shepherd who’s leading his flock out from the fold and into the world of pasture, predators and perils. Is this shepherd up to the job?



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Christ Life: Not the Same Old Formula,” April 26, 2015.


Mrs. Morgan (not her real name) is on a field trip with 45 third-grade students. They’re going into the big city for a “Day in the City” experience. They’re going to the downtown mall. They will walk to the art museum. They will ride the light rail. They will walk on sidewalks and obey traffic signs. They will have a buddy at all times. What could possibly go wrong?

Fortunately, she is...

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