Bringing the Text to Life

A Good Disciple Is One Who Leaves Mark 1:14-20

A Good Disciple Is One Who Leaves

A willingness to abandon comfort and familiarity can have a powerful and positive impact.


A good disciple is one who seeks connections with people who do not share their race, religion, political party or ideology. Jesus did not begin his ministry by talking only with like-minded Galileans. Instead, he and his disciples made sacrifices and faced hardships to do the work of helping, healing, teaching and preaching.



For material based on today’s Old Testament text, see “Jonah's Escape Room Strategy,” January 21, 2018.


At a hospital in Galveston, Texas, a Filipino nurse named Rosalie was working the night shift. One of her patients was a 92-year-old engineer with a broken arm. Another was an 82-year-old man with renal disease. The third patient was only 52, but diabetes had caused him to lose his left foot.

The diabetic had been a Baptist preacher in an African American church, along with running a car-detailing business. But then his disease began to rule his life. He took only a portion of his...

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