Bringing the Text to Life

Recognizing Jesus Matthew 25:31-46

Recognizing Jesus

We identify Jesus in the world today when we act boldly and compassionately to serve people in need.


The good news for today is that vulnerable people give us a chance to recognize Jesus alive and well in the world today. When we help others — people who are strangers, hungry or sick — we are really helping Jesus. When we serve children, guests and the poor, we are really serving Jesus.



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “Paul, the Letter Writer,” May 13, 2018.


A man named Marty Doerschlag has a superpower that you won’t see in the movies: He can remember a face forever. You could call him The Recognizer!

“If I spend about 30 seconds looking at somebody,” he said to NPR, “I will remember their face for years and years and years.”

Doerschlag realized he had this gift after a series of strange encounters and sightings. One year, he sat behind a man at a Michigan vs. Ohio State football game. Three years later, he recognized the guy in the Dallas-Fort Worth...

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