Bringing the Text to Life

Looking Death in the Face Philippians 1:21-30

Looking Death in the Face

Belief and suffering go together, but can lead us to a new beginning.


The apostle Paul was not afraid of death and shows us how “God’s doing” brings us new life during times of sacrifice and suffering. Endings can deepen our faith and bring us closer to Christ.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Unhappy Servants,” September 24, 2017.


“What a really great book. I loved it. I hated for it to end.”

Perhaps you’ve said the same thing about a favorite book. Or a movie. Or a meal. Or a sporting event. Or a vacation.

When we experience truly great things, we hate for them to end.

But guess what? Research is revealing that we need for things to end. When faced with an ending, we become stronger, more focused, more productive and more positive.

According to The Atlantic magazine (November 2019), a study was done of more than 3,000 professional soccer games. It revealed that 23 percent of goals came in the final 15 minutes of the 90-minute ...

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