Bringing the Text to Life

Jacob the Sleep-Tracker Genesis 28:10-19a

Jacob the Sleep-Tracker

Jacob was not wearing a Fitbit or an Oura Ring when he went to sleep on the road to Haran. But he had a dream that brought him closer to God.


God wants a relationship with you and offers you grace. God promises to be with you and be faithful to you. In these slower summer days, consolidate the memory of Jacob’s dream and your own experience of God’s presence and grace. Take the time to be still, to rest, to dream. When you do, you’ll move closer to God.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Fake Food, Fake Faith ...,” July 23, 2017.


Everyone knows that diet and exercise are important to good health. Experts say that five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, along with 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise, are essential to personal fitness.

But so is sleep.

Miss a good night’s sleep, and you run the risk of gaining weight, becoming depressed, and increasing your chances of heart disease and stroke. Besides, writes journalist Maddie Stone, you need sleep “in order not to feel like garbage the next...

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