Bringing the Text to Life

The Forgetting God Psalm 13

The Forgetting God

We are so much more than what we remember. We are what God remembers.


Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) is an unusual and rare phenomenon in which the afflicted person is unable to forget even the most mundane experiences in his or her life. Jill Price has HSAM and doesn’t know if it is a burden or a blessing. This unique condition leads us to consider whether God has such a memory, or if God is capable of forgetting.



For material based on today’s Old Testament text, see “Lucky Abraham,” June 26, 2011.


Like most teens, Jill Price had her share of difficulties — the usual highs and lows.

But Price’s world was changing in ways that she didn’t understand. No one else seemed to get it either. Since she was 8 years old, she could remember just about everything that happened to her. And then, when she was 14, she had the intuitive knowledge that her memory was complete. She could, in fact, remember everything that happened to her.

Her grades in...

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