Bringing the Text to Life

PIT Maneuver Romans 5:12-19

PIT Maneuver

The cross of Christ is God’s final Pursuit Intervention Technique.


When authorities need to stop a criminal who’s trying to flee by car, they have several options. The last one is the “Pursuit Intervention Technique,” commonly known as the PIT maneuver. Successfully executed, the technique sends the suspect vehicle spinning sideways and out of control. The cross is God’s final PIT maneuver. God tried spike strips (law) and ramming techniques (prophets), but now employs the ultimate device, the cross.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Necessary NO’s,” February 21, 1999.


One evening a while back in San Bernardino County, California, a car chase began about 6:30 p.m., coming to a conclusion about 90 minutes later.

The suspect in a car theft took off from Chino and led police on a chase that ended in Hawthorne. The erratic and meandering journey took officers to the Ventura Freeway, where the suspect vehicle sideswiped a Prius and nearly...

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