Bringing the Text to Life

From Worst to First 1 Timothy 1:12-17

From Worst to First

Grace was given to Paul not because he was the best, but because he was the worst.  


After starting with a list of the worst U.S. presidents, the material moves to the worst leaders of all time. Then, shifting to the text, the apostle Paul comes under severe scrutiny. His past is checkered with violent policies and misdeeds. Yet in the text, he’s speaking of the grace and mercy of God. The sermon then moves to a discussion of the kind of grace that can transform the worst into the first.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Parked in Dopey,” September 12, 2004.


In a Sienna College ranking of U.S. presidents, you might be surprised by who is first. Not Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. No, they are in second, third and fourth places.

The best of the best: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

FDR is well known for his “New Deal” which created Social Security and reformed the banking system. He gets high marks for party leadership, communication and his...

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