Bringing the Text to Life

Handcrafted Christians Acts 9:36-43

Handcrafted Christians

God wants us to offer simple good works of great value.


A couple of generations ago, handmade items were common. With a Singer sewing machine, Mom could make just about anything. Today, however, handcrafted items, being so rare, are highly valued and prized possessions. These items are metaphors for acts of charity and kindness which the biblical character Dorcas demonstrates so well.



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “Coram Deo,” November 3, 2002.


For an alternative idea pertaining to John 10:22-30, see “What the Sheep Saw.”


One way to get this sermon off the ground is to adopt the pose of a storyteller:

Good morning, boys and girls.

A long time ago, let’s say 60 to 75 years ago and before that, most people — average folks — tried to avoid buying manufactured things at stores because they were so gosh-darn expensive. Instead, most everything was made at home.

Mom made the family’s clothes on a Singer...

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