Bringing the Text to Life

Palm Monday Luke 19:28-40

Palm Monday

When Jesus rides into our lives, he forces an issue for us.


When Jesus rode into town on a small donkey, he did so on a day that was a work day for the people. Sunday was not a day off. It was like our Monday. It was the first day of the work week for them. So, far from being a humdrum, unexciting Monday, on this particular day, something huge was happening. 



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “Terminal Velocity,” March 24, 2002, at  


Okay, this is Palm Sunday, but given that Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem riding that donkey happened about 2,000 years ago, how do we know that it actually took place on a Sunday 

You might assume that the gospels tell us so, but they don’t. All we have is a single clue in John, and that comes from putting the events in two verses together. John 12:1 says that six days before Passover, Jesus came to ...

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