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Bad Credit Okay! Isaiah 55:1-9

Bad Credit Okay!

When our credit is shot, God steps forward with the deal of a lifetime!


Some businesses, anxious for people to buy their products, offer easy credit terms. They are so eager to sell a Chevy or a sofa that they even make a pitch to people whose credit ratings are awful. In today’s Old Testament reading, we hear the voice of just such a Salesperson, and the pitch is attractive and alluring: “Come, buy wine … without money and without price.” Is this a deal, or what?! 



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “Tripping Trauma,” March 11, 2007.   


In many cities across the U.S., car dealerships tend to cluster in certain areas. Used cars — sometimes known as “pre-owned” cars — likewise can be found huddled on lots in known locations around town. 

Should you walk down a few of these streets, do not be surprised to see signs...

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