Bringing the Text to Life

Disaster Maps Luke 4:14-21

Disaster Maps

The church’s calling is essentially to be a disaster relief organization.


Facebook has two features called Disaster Maps and Safety Check. Does the church need to do a better job of targeting disasters and responding to them?



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “Bodily Functions,” January 21, 2007, at


We watched it unfold in real time on our television screens. Hurricane Katrina had just slammed into the Gulf Coast. Cameras mounted on helicopters showed the desperate plight of those caught in the floodwaters. Some had fled to their rooftops because there was nowhere else to go.

Words painted on bedsheets signaled their despair: “Send Help.”

In a massive disaster like Katrina, one of the greatest challenges for aid agencies is finding displaced people who need to be rescued. Ordinary phone lines are down, and the few cell towers still operating are overwhelmed with voice calls. It would take days for 911 operators to listen to and log...

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