Bringing the Text to Life

Too Busy for God Psalm 132:1-12 (13-18)

Too Busy for God

Making room for God in our schedules is preparation for recognizing when God interrupts us.


It is difficult for many people to unplug — to go phoneless — for an extended period. And in tandem with this uneasiness is our busyness — a condition that we’re almost proud of. Who wants to admit that they’re not busy? To say that we’re not particularly busy is so … so … un-American. The psalmist is struggling with his own personal schedule. He wants to “find a place for the Lord.” He meant it literally — a reference to the Ark of the Covenant — but it’s plausible to believe he meant it figuratively as well.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “The Question Jesus Doesn’t Answer,” November 22, 2015, at


Earlier this year, Alexandra S. Levine, a Metro reporter for The New York Times, wrote of being forced to go phoneless while viewing a corruption trial. The courthouse had required observers to...

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