Bringing the Text to Life

The Survey Mark 8:27-38

The Survey

Jesus does some market research.


Every time we type a word into our computer’s search engine, swipe our club card at the grocery store or engage a topic on social media, marketers are watching and gathering data about us. The algorithms they use to gather information are far more sophisticated than the old method of canvassing the neighborhood or conducting a lengthy phone survey. In today’s text, Jesus does a little of his own market research, polling his disciples on who they think he is, but it’s clear that their preferences are not the same as his!


For material based on today’s OT text, see “Smart Stuff,” September 17, 2006.


For an alternative idea pertaining to James 3:1-12 see “Taming Your Tweet.”


If you’ve been on one of the main streets of a major city, you’ve likely run into energetic young people who want to interview you on a topic about which they are passionate.

“Pardon me, do you have a ...

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