Bringing the Text to Life

YouTube It! James 1:17-27

YouTube It!

Faithfulness is better done than said.


Got a problem you need to fix? YouTube it! Chances are, someone out there has recorded a video that will give you step-by-step instruction on solving the issue. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a home repair or an opossum that needs massaging (yes, that’s a thing). In this week’s text, James teaches the church how to deal with times of trial and testing, and his solution is a simple one — hear the word of God and do it!


For material based on today’s gospel text, see “The Depravity Standard,” August 30, 2015.

For an alternative idea pertaining to Song of Solomon 2:8-13, see “Dreamwork.”

Most of us remember learning to drive a car as an arduous process involving swerving around a parking lot with mom or dad, heading to the DMV, taking a written test and nervously navigating the road with a state trooper or driving instructor tracking our every move. All of that practice and instruction was rewarded with ...

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