Bringing the Text to Life

Innovations in Eating John 6:24-35

Innovations in Eating

Jesus satisfies our deepest hunger with bread that cannot be ordered online.

At a Glance

Have you noticed that at some restaurants, you scarcely have an interaction with a human being? At your table is a tablet. You order your food, re-order, ask for dessert and pay the bill -- all of this via a message from a tablet to people who are mysteriously somewhere else. Your food might be delivered by a human being, but robots will probably do this soon as well! These are not the only innovations in food service. To witness perhaps the most shocking innovation, you'd have to be on hand to watch what Jesus did with five loaves and two fish.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Genes and Grace," August 2, 2009, at

Over the past century, huge changes have been made to the way food is prepared and delivered to us. From drive-thru restaurants to driverless cars, our eating and drinking have been transformed by innovation.

Food delivery began in 1922. Telephone-based food ordering started at a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, ...

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