Bringing the Text to Life

Objects of Desire 2 Samuel 11:1-15

Objects of Desire

Humanizing nonhuman objects may be okay; dehumanizing humans is not.

At a Glance

The trend today is toward humanizing the nonhuman. Consumers love it. Amazon's Alexa is a disk-shaped object that many Americans turn to first thing every morning. They ask Alexa to tell them the weather, play them a song or give them a recipe for dinner. Some children now see a wide range of objects as living things, or at least as things that will respond to them. One app developer reports that because of Alexa, his toddler now talks to beverage coasters. In today's text, however, the opposite happens. David dehumanizes a human.

Editors' Pick

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Aggressive cars have headlights that are slanted like narrowed eyes. Friendly cars, on the other hand, have grilles that are upturned like smiles.

Aggressive and friendly cars? You might think that it is kind of strange to attribute human qualities to nonhuman objects. But according to The Atlantic magazine (December...

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