Bringing the Text to Life

Name Your Hurricane Mark 4:35-41

Name Your Hurricane

Even when Jesus is with us, storms may arise.

At a Glance

Since 1953, the World Meteorological Society has been naming the hurricanes that affect the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic. They weren't the first to do it, however, as people have been naming storms since the 19th century. What names do we give to the storms that invade our lives and what can we learn from Jesus about how to withstand them?

Editors' Pick

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Harvey. Irma. Sandy. Ike. Katrina. Andrew. Agnes.

They sound like names you would hear at a cocktail party in the 1950s, but we know them in a very different context. These are the names of some of the most devastating hurricanes in history -- storms whose impact  on the lives of people continue long after the clouds have parted, the floods receded and the winds died down.

We watched with horror the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf Coast last year. Interstates in Houston became surging...

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