Bringing the Text to Life

Spirit-Driven Disruptions Acts 10:44-48

Spirit-Driven Disruptions

Positive change requires disruption.

At a Glance

Sometimes, a technology, invention or new device arrives on the market and makes such a splash that it disrupts the entire industry. The world is never the same. The smartphone as well as the personal computer are examples. Lesser-known cases are occurring every day, however, and we start this material with a few stories. The point is that the Holy Spirit leads us to ministry that may seem disruptive, but that, by virtue of that disruption, creates lasting and positive change.

Editors' Pick

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It looks like a burger. Cooks like a burger. Tastes like a burger. And even "bleeds" like a burger.

But there's no beef in it.

Instead, the burger is made out of a plant-based beef alternative, with "bleeding" that comes from beet juice. The burger is produced by a company...

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