Bringing the Text to Life

A Piece of Work Ephesians 2:1-10

A Piece of Work

The quality of a piece of work depends on the artist at work.

At a Glance

Calling someone "a piece of work" is seldom a compliment. This particular American idiom is usually reserved for people of questionable character and outrageous behavior. But the expression wasn't always used that way and, in this week's text, Paul describes how followers of Jesus are "pieces of work" that are actually models of God's character, behavior and work in the world.

Editors' Pick

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American English is filled with all sorts of idioms that can leave learners of the language more than a little confused. An idiom is a phrase or expression of which the actual meaning is different from the meanings of each word separately.

If we say that someone is "under the weather," for example, most Americans understand that phrase to mean that the person isn't feeling well. A non-American, on the other hand, might wonder why a person would be standing outside "under the...

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