Bringing the Text to Life

Soul Repair Psalm 51:1-17

Soul Repair

The psalmist takes his sorry soul to God's Repair Café.

At a Glance

At Repair Cafés, you can get your toaster fixed. At God's repair shop, the one with a big cross out front, what gets fixed is not a lawn mower but a life!

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "An Invitation to Take," February 6, 2008, at

We live in a "throwaway" culture.

We throw away just about everything.

Not that we haven't noticed. We've been using this expression since LIFE magazine published an article in 1955 about a new phenomenon that emerged in the prosperity of the 1950s. "Throwaway Living" the article was called.

Instead of blowing our noses using washable handkerchiefs (as did our eco-friendly grandmothers), we use tissues and throw them away.

We diaper babies' bottoms, and then throw them away -- the diapers, not the bottoms.

We buy a pair of shoes and throw them away.

We buy water packaged in plastic bottles, drink the water -- and throw the bottles away.

Almost everything we purchase comes in what many call ...

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