Bringing the Text to Life

The Sign on the Door Romans 3:19-28

The Sign on the Door

Special Installment: Reformation Sunday

500 years of Martin Luther

At a Glance

Today, congregations around the world will remember an event that happened 500 years ago this Tuesday. Martin Luther tacked a folio sheet of "theses" on the castle church door at Wittenberg hoping to spark a discussion. Instead, he spawned a revolution, a reformation that fundamenatally transformed the religious and cultural landscape from that point forward. Here, we offer some sermonic material that is simple in presentation and outline in order to help the preacher provide a brief glimpse into why Martin Luther is so important to us today.

Editors' Pick

For more sermon materials for Reformation Sunday, see "Here I Stand," October 26, 2003, or "Putting the Protest Back in Protestant," October 28, 2007, at

We love to celebrate anniversaries.

Sometimes, the celebration is more of an observance than a joyous occasion. This year, for example, is the centennial year of America's entrance into the "Great War," World War I. Any celebrations so far have been ...

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