Bringing the Text to Life

Forgiveness Fitness Matthew 18:21-35

Forgiveness Fitness

Forgiveness can lower our stress and increase our personal power.

At a Glance

The personal training industry is huge in the United States. Billions of dollars are spent by Americans every year  -- dollars spent trying to stay in shape. Many people hire a personal trainer to provide encouragement and accountability. In terms of our spiritual fitness, we have a personal trainer who is always ready to help, and he specializes in forgiveness fitness.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "No Way but Yahweh," September 15, 2002, at

Debi and Jared lost 30 pounds.

Brooke shed 95 pounds and says, "The mirror is not my enemy anymore."

Margaret lost 35 pounds, three dress sizes and 10 percent body fat.

These are only a few testimonials of thousands that could be cited of the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. These people came to a point in their lives in which they felt their weight and overall fitness had spiraled out of control. A personal trainer brought this downward spiral to a halt.

Writing in Men's Journal,...

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