Bringing the Text to Life

Guess Who? Matthew 16:13-20

Guess Who?

The disciples are let in on a secret.

At a Glance

Researchers can now guess your age, gender, marital status and income solely based on the apps on your phone. Could someone as easily guess that you are a follower of Jesus?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Gig," September 2, 2001, at

If you're heading out to the county fair as the summer winds to a close, you might be tempted to check out some of the hokey old carnival games on the midway. Most of them are rigged to extract a few dollars from you, of course, and that stuffed bear you might win is actually worth less than the money you just plunked down on the counter. Still, it's fun to try to game the system, and one of the places you might do that is at the booth where a grizzled carny attempts to guess your weight and your age just by looking at you.

Usually they win. Sometimes, however, the guesser will intentionally underestimate the age and weight of an older person (particularly a woman), seeing it as a win-win...

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