Bringing the Text to Life

Solidarity Feeding Matthew 14:13-21

Solidarity Feeding

Great things happen when we give Jesus what we have.

At a Glance

In some places around the world, café owners are placing refrigerators on the sidewalks near their restaurants. They stock the fridges with leftover and unused food. The poor and homeless can come and take what they need, no questions asked. In today's text, Jesus has his hand on the refrigerator door.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "Fourth and One," August 3, 2008, at Homiletic.

In some neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, you might pass a small café and see a refrigerator sitting up against the store wall. Over the fridge is a sign, which reads, "Take freely, only what you need."

Seriously. People can walk up to that fridge, open the door, take what they need and walk away.

These "solidarity fridges," or "social fridges," are a way of showing to the poor and needy that there are, in fact, people who care about them, stand with them and want to help.

In fact, most of the fridges in Buenos Aires are part of an initiative started by NGO Red ...

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