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Ultrasound Faith Genesis 18:1-15 (21:1-7)

Ultrasound Faith

In her encounter with God, Sarah learned much more than simply the gender of the child she was carrying.

At a Glance

Ultrasound imaging is a technology that allows doctors to peer inside the human body. It can detect spots on the liver and clogged arteries. And, of course, it can tell an expectant mother the gender of her unborn child and provide important information about its health. And this brings us to Genesis, where we pick up the story of an old woman who gets some unexpected news.

Editors' Pick

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There was a time, not long ago, when determining the gender of your child was far from scientific. Old Aunt Hattie, for example, was convinced you could tell whether the happy couple was going to have a boy or a girl by the way the mother carried the baby. If it looked like the baby was resting low in the mother's womb, the child was said to be a boy. If the mother was carrying high, it was supposed to be a girl.

Grandma Marie, on the other hand, was convinced the gender could be...

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