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To What Church Would Jesus Belong? Acts 2:42-47

To What Church Would Jesus Belong?

Would we welcome Jesus as a member of our church? Would Jesus even be interested?

At a Glance

We begin with Nicholas Kristof's suggestion that some of the world's major religions would be unrecognizable to their founders. This raises the interesting possibility that Jesus himself would be uninterested in becoming active in some of our own congregations! Indeed, would we be interested in having him? He was, after all, somewhat controversial.

Editors' Pick

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Here's a funny thing about the religions of the world: They often don't resemble their founders.

Islam and Muhammad. Buddhism and Buddha. Christianity and Jesus.

The dots don't always connect.

Columnist Nicholas Kristof observes that "Muhammad raised the status of women in his time, yet today some Islamic clerics bar women from driving." Buddha would probably be horrified by the racial segregation that Buddhists in Myanmar impose on minority Muslims. And although Jesus was a radical who challenged the ...

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