Bringing the Text to Life

When Jesus Drops In Luke 24:13-35

When Jesus Drops In

Jesus reaches people in surprising ways, making life-saving deliveries.

At a Glance

Zipline, a San Francisco-based company, is using drone technology to deliver medical supplies to clinics in rural Rwanda. It's only one application of this technology, of course, but it demonstrates the potential for using creative ideas for the common good. We do not want to compare Jesus to a drone. However, in this text and others, Jesus seems to drop in suddenly on his erstwhile disciples, and he does so to bring much-needed healing, and to reenergize them for the work that lies ahead.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Parachute People," April 14, 2002, at

Jesus knew nothing about drones. But he was like a drone in that he seemed to drop in from nowhere to work a miracle or heal somebody.

Many people might associate drones with clandestine operations against ISIS and other terrorist operations. But, in fact, drones can be, and are, utilized in many other ways, some of which are strictly humanitarian.

That's why Jesus...

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