Bringing the Text to Life

No Memorial Needed Matthew 28:1-10

No Memorial Needed

We honor Jesus with changed lives.

At a Glance

Roadside memorials, sometimes called descansos, mark where tragedy occurred and lives were changed forever. The memorials might include a makeshift cross, candles, bouquets and signs. In many states, they're illegal. Christians would love to erect a memorial to their dead Founder, except ... although he was once dead, he's alive. No memorial needed.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's Acts text, see "Church Behaving Badly," April 12, 1998, at

It's a tragic scene: a roadside cross, bouquets of flowers, perhaps some candles, a stuffed animal or a jersey from the local high school. Sometimes there's a hand-painted placard with a name and a date.

You drive by and get a mere glance, but you know there was a moment on this highway when something horrific happened and a person or persons lost their lives.

Unfortunately, highway deaths and roadside memorials (sometimes called descansos from a Spanish word meaning "to rest") have...

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