Bringing the Text to Life

Pardons Unlimited Romans 5:1-11

Pardons Unlimited

God does business by forgiveness.

At a Glance

Last summer, as President Barack Obama was heading into the last months of his administration, observers noted that he had already far exceeded his predecessors in the granting of commutations, but was last in the giving of presidential pardons. Perhaps, before he left office in January of this year, this difference was made up. This gives us an opportunity to look at the biblical idea of pardon which is introduced by the Romans text.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Easiest Job in the World," March 14, 1993, at

Last August, while Barack Obama was still president, a USA Today article noted that on a single day that month, Mr. Obama had issued a record-breaking 214 commutations of federal inmates, mostly low-level drug offenders. That brought his total sentence-reduction grants to 562, making Mr. Obama "one of the most prolific grantors of presidential commutations in history," the article said.


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