Bringing the Text to Life

Impatient for Jesus James 5:7-10

Impatient for Jesus

Waiting for Christmas is hard for kids; waiting for Jesus is hard for Christians.

At a Glance

Juvenile impatience is so common that books and articles have been written to help parents combat it. At no time of the year is such impatience more on display than at Christmas. Our epistle text addresses the issue of impatience. The early believers were also impatient, and the apostle James has some much-needed advice.


For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Authentic Messiah," December 16, 2007, at

Kids are not good at waiting. Neither are adults for the most part, but let's stick with the kids for now.

Waiting for the pediatrician at the doctor's office. Waiting their turn to play with their favorite toy at school. Waiting with us at the DMV for our number to be called. Waiting and asking from the backseat of the car, "Are we there yet?"

All these are painful experiences for children, but none is quite as difficult as waiting for Christmas to come.

During the Christmas season, there's even more waiting. Kids are asked to wait...

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