Bringing the Text to Life

Let People Check You Out! Romans 15:4-13

Let People Check You Out!

When people read us, what do they learn?

At a Glance

The Human Library Project sponsors events around the world in which people of wildly different backgrounds and experiences volunteer to be "books" that visitors to the event can "check out" for a short period of time. During this check-out period, the "borrower" and the "book" converse over coffee or tea, perhaps, and the borrower is thereby able to learn firsthand from the experiences of the "book" he or she is "reading."


For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Christian Rules of Limb-Climbing," December 6, 1998, at

Imagine going to a library seeking information, but instead of checking out a book, you check out a person!

That's the idea behind a project called the Human Library -- a place where real people are on loan to the library users. Those real people, because of the facts of their lives, represent categories such as Muslim, bipolar, single young mother, unemployed, HIV victim, autistic, sexually abused, convert,...

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