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Alarm Clock Christianity Romans 13:11-14

Alarm Clock Christianity

We cannot afford to be "sleep-in" Christians.

At a Glance

Some new alarm clocks are designed to wake you up by annoying you, terrifying you or puzzling you out of bed. Paul's alarm clock is no less urgent and a lot more hopeful!

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "O Holy Nightmare," November 29, 1992, at

Used to be that farmers set the standard for early morning wake-ups by listening to the rooster crow as the sun came up. According to a new study, roosters actually know that it's dawn because their internal clocks are simply wired that way.

Humans, however, don't seem to have that same internal alarm. Since most of us don't keep a rooster in the backyard for our morning wake-up call, we rely on a variety of alarm clocks -- watches, the standard old clock radio or a classic alarm clock that you wind up every night -- to drag us out of bed in the morning and get on with the day. There are many standard alarm clock iterations designed to jolt the body awake.

But what if...

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