Bringing the Text to Life

God's Eternal Imperative Psalm 65

God's Eternal Imperative

The abundance of God's care challenges us to care for others.

At a Glance

Inferno is a new movie that comes out Friday and is based on Dan Brown's best-selling eponymous novel. The basic plotline is that a mad scientist, believing that the earth's resources are limited and becoming dangerously scarce because of the demands of an ever-increasing population, has devised a bio-weapon to destroy much of humanity in order to save humanity. The unhinged scientist is obsessed with increasing scarcity -- quite unlike the psalmist of today's reading, who rejoices in God's abundance.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "My Bad," October 28, 2007, at

First came Dante Alighieri's classic poem Divine Comedy, which takes readers on a trip to hell in the section called "Inferno."

Then Dan Brown wrote the best-selling novel Inferno, which features his globe-trotting hero Robert Langdon on a quest to stop worldwide genocide.

Now, this Friday, October 28, the movie Inferno will be released, with Tom...

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