Bringing the Text to Life

Staying Hydrated Jeremiah 2:4-13

Staying Hydrated

How can we quench the thirst in our souls?

At a Glance

Our text speaks of a fountain of "living water" and "cracked cisterns that can hold no water." So we begin with the hydration craze in our country as evidenced by the ubiquitous plastic water bottle. It's a thirst that supports a billion-dollar industry, and reminds us of the need to hydrate our souls as well as our bodies.

Editors' Pick

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Chances are that the people listening to the sermon on this the last Sunday of August have more than a Bible with them. They might also have a bottle -- a water bottle.

Say "water bottle" and, if you're 85 years old, you might think this is a reference to a flat, red bladder into which hot water can be introduced, and which can then be taken to bed to warm up the sheets and body. Yes, this device (Google "red hot water bottle") was quite common in the first half of the 1900s when it...

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