Bringing the Text to Life

Miranda Rights and Righteousness Galatians 2:15-21

Miranda Rights and Righteousness

We have the right to be judged by what we say and do. But if we need a Savior, one will be provided to us.

At a Glance

Fifty years ago, SCOTUS changed the way suspects are processed through the court system. The person arrested must be "Mirandized" if the prosecutor wants to use anything the accused said during the arrest itself or in subsequent interrogation. This leads to a discussion of what chance we have as we stand before a holy God who expects nothing less than total righteousness.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "Other People's Gardens," June 14, 1998, at

In a cartoon in The New Yorker (April 23, 2001), a donut shop clerk reads a policeman his rights: "You have the right to a glazed doughnut and a cup of coffee. If you can't afford a glazed doughnut and a cup of coffee, a glazed doughnut and cup of coffee will be provided for you."

The caption alludes to perhaps the most well-known aspect of our constitutional rights: our Miranda rights, 50 years old tomorrow.

You know these rights, since they have been...

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