Bringing the Text to Life

Forcing God's Hand Acts 8:14-17

Forcing God's Hand

God is not a secret weapon.

At a Glance

A misleading headline asserts that tennis star Serena Williams has a "secret weapon," and that the weapon is "Jehovah God." No, Williams' weapons are a crushing serve and a wicked forehand. The headline, however, leads us to consider ways in which we may try to use God to our advantage.

Editors' Pick

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Back in July, after tennis great Serena Williams won at Wimbledon, she exclaimed, "I want to thank Jehovah God."

It's not uncommon for professional athletes to express gratitude to the Creator for a successful play in their field of competition -- Tim Tebow being a prime example -- but, in Williams' case, whoever wrote the headline about her post-match victory exclamation misunderstood what these expressions of faith are about.

The headline read, "Wimbledon winner Serena Williams' secret weapon: 'Jehovah God.'"

As is often the...

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