Bringing the Text to Life

Ransomware Mark 10:35-45


Jesus has the power to unlock our frozen, locked-up lives.

At a Glance

Digital kidnappers are taking over personal computers through programs called "ransomware," and are demanding money in order to release the data back to the computer's owner. The ransom that Jesus paid on the cross redeems more than our data; it redeems our whole lives.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "Is Your HappyLite On?", October 19, 2003, at

The scene has been played out in hundreds of old movies and TV shows: Someone has gone missing. But then a note arrives with the words formed out of letters cut out of old magazines and glued to a page. The note demands a large sum of money, and, in return, the missing person will be released safe -- if not a bit unsound and unnerved.

The kidnappers assumed that it would be virtually impossible to figure out who wrote the letter because no handwriting, typewriting or computer printing was involved.

The truth is, however, that the multi-letter, glued-together ransom note is really more ...

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