Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus Meets Henry Mark 10:17-31

Jesus Meets Henry

Discipleship requires that we find new ways to live and to give.

At a Glance

An emerging demographic in the marketplace is so-called "HENRYs." They're mostly of the Millennial generation. They struggle with financial issues, and they strike us as very similar to the young man who approaches Jesus about a job in the discipleship business.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "The Surgical Scriptures," October 14, 2012, at

Ten years ago, luxury shoppers were people who owned lavish penthouse condos, had well-funded investment portfolios and spent their cash on Chanel handbags and Rolex watches.

But today luxury shoppers are a diverse group "with wide-ranging tastes and a unique set of values." They want quality, craftsmanship and authenticity, instead of brand names. Luxury is about where it was made and how it was made, not a fancy logo.

Driving this change are the young adults called Millennials. They fall into a category of customers known as a HENRY -- an acronym for...

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